During the funeral ceremonies in Wrocław, the head of the government assessed that Father Maciej Zięba - like John Paul II - was a man looking for and wanting monuments in our souls and hearts.

"The Archbishop said beautifully in his introductory word that we believe that the good that Father Maciej did here on earth will lead him to God's throne. It will probably be so, it may already be so. But I firmly believe that the good that Father Maciej spread here on earth is in our hearts and will bear fruit in the future," Morawiecki emphasized.

He pointed out that Father Zięba broke the patterns, was a man of dialogue - sometimes difficult, bitter, but always honest and beautiful.

The Prime Minister also assessed that Father Maciej "beautifully combined the two dimensions of our spirit and our thoughts - the Polish and European dimensions". 

"He believed that both of them grow out of one trunk, a Christian trunk. And he lamented that our European Christian trunk did not grow, does not grow, but withers, and even - he said more strongly - that it is sometimes drained." Morawiecki noted.