The Medical University of Warsaw was in the spotlight of criticism after it had become apparent that some Polish celebrities had been vaccinated out of turn - when only medical staff should be vaccinated. The scandal caused by this situation was referred to by a guest of Katarzyna Gójska, Ryszard Legutko. 


‘This is the sort of university where especially this ethical aspect of the profession is important. I think the university authorities and the whole community should take this to heart. I am interested in such a sociological profile of this society because it went along the social line that these people entered the queue and caught the vaccinations,’ noted the Law and Justice MEP. 


The editor Gójska pointed out that among the vaccinated there are not only celebrities but also agents of the services of the People's Republic of Poland.


‘Indeed, we saw a sample of the elite that was creating the Third Republic of Poland and gave it a special social-ideological shape. This is also the elite that wants to take over souls again, and the government just needs to look at it more broadly. This is an illustration of a large political whole in Poland and it shows what kind of companionship it is - said Legutko. 


As he noted, ‘on the one hand, those are the people who are the business card of modernity, the West, fashion, all of that what is associated with the modern world’. 


‘On the other hand, it is rooted in communist Poland. It's a characteristic image, but also a dangerous one. Not only is it unethical behaviour at the university but also an insight into the elite who ruled Poland and who wants to rule Poland again’ - he stressed.


‘Those are so-called ’Ladies and Gentlemen’, those are the better ones. For a long time and so far, they have presented themselves as the better, more cultured, more subtle ones, such a sort of aristocracy. And to the rest they say ‘louts’, this word is often used by them (…). Meanwhile, you can see that this ‘straw comes out of their shoes’, the lack of class, such primitiveness of behaviour. It is sad and repulsive - added prof. Legutko.