Today, Jarosław Gowin announced that the government was launching a support plan for mountain municipalities. He pointed out that Poland is still experiencing the drama of the epidemic.


‘This drama affects not only the sick but also entrepreneurs, who have to limit their business activities due to the necessary sanitary restrictions’ - he said. 


He admitted that the government made a difficult decision to close down winter tourism. ‘We are aware that this is a big blow to entrepreneurs and a big challenge for local governments from mountain municipalities. Last week, a new financial shield was launched, which amounts to over PLN 20 billion. These funds will go to 45 industries, and a large extent also to business in mountain municipalities’ - he stated.


‘Each of these municipalities will receive two kinds of support. First of all, local governments may redeem the property tax (…), the government will refinance 80% of the cost of such redemption. The second form of help is an investments’ help. Investments related to the tourism industry. In total, the government decided to allocate over 700 million PLN for these investments,’ said the Deputy Prime Minister. 


Gowin added that the upper subsidy limit for one municipality is PLN 8 million. 


‘The local governments will be able to submit motions within one month from the adoption of the resolution by the Council of Ministers’ – said Gowin. 


He added that as soon as the application was considered, the government would transfer the money. He stressed that the support program is an example of cooperation between local governments and the government.


According to Michał Dworczyk, the tourist traffic in mountain regions dropped by about 70 per cent. 


‘In small local governments like Duszniki Zdrój, Międzylesie such a significant decrease in traffic has enormous financial consequences. The government treats all entrepreneurs seriously and we believe that this help will allow them to survive this time, which hopefully is already coming to an end’ - said the Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk.