In an interview for Onet. pl on Wednesday, the Minister of Education and Science was asked, among other things for students to return to residential schooling. 


Elementary school students in grades one through three are scheduled to return to school on Monday after the winter break, while the rest are expected to continue to study remotely. Czarnek was asked if senior students would return to school later that school year and when.


‘I would like, and we are working on such variants at the Ministry so that whenever it is possible from the point of view of epidemiologists and virologists, successive generations will return to full-time teaching because distance learning will never replace full-time teaching. Children and young people are losing out in remote learning. So, as soon as it is possible as far as the health is concerned and it is confirmed by the specialists in the medical council to the Prime Minister, I will advocate that they return to residential teaching because it is needed by the whole society, especially children and young people,’ the minister replied. 


He was asked if he could elaborate on whether the most optimistic option for elementary school students in grades IV-VIII to return was April, May or June.


‘In this optimistic variant, if the number of infections will not increase and the third wave will not reach us, I hope that already in February we will be able at least in a hybrid system to let the students of VIII classes and maturity classes to go to schools, to a stationary system, because they need it due to exams, which are ahead of them, and then, if it will be flattening out further, or the number of daily infections will be decreasing, we will try to let the other school grades go to school in a hybrid system so that there will be no crowd in school so that the virus transmission will be at the lowest level’ - he pointed out. 


Czarnek reiterated that everything would depend on the development of the pandemic. 'If it stays at the level it is and continues to fall, I think February and March will be the months when we will make further gradual decisions, careful and responsible,' he pointed out.


The minister also spoke about the announced return of first-third grade students to schools. He stressed that the expert opinions of the Prime Minister's Medical Council were very important for this decision. 


‘On Friday night, when we talked at great length about this topic, opinions were absolutely clear. Of course, we can't say for sure that this decision will last, that this decision will not have to be changed after a few weeks’ - he said. 


The Minister of Education and Science assured that the situation in schools would be monitored. Every day, in every school, we will monitor through our superintendents the situation and respond accordingly,’ he announced.