The Polish National foundation’s mission is first to support the veterans of World War 2 and the armed uprising against the communists and, second, hospitals such as the Children's Health Center of the  Warsaw Institution for the Chronically Ill.  

"We also help hospices, nursing homes, and facilities for those chronically ill by purchasing ambulances, professional diagnostic equipment, face masks, and so on." stated Dr. Marcin Zarzycki, the president of the Polish National Foundation. 

"Projects which directly helped people, including those who fight on the frontline, were the ones which brought the greatest satisfaction." followed the vice president of the foundation, Michał Góraś. 

The Foundation has extended its help abroad, together with the Odra-Niemen Association and the "Don't forget about us". PFN provided food for Home Army veterans who stayed beyond eastern border of Poland. Thanks to the work of volunteers and soldiers of the territorial defence units, more than 200 combatants have received hot meals and mental support every day.

"We hear everyday many stories from volunteers who bring food to those in need and always hear things like “please, stay for one more minute’. These are the most moving moments when people can make friends." commented Patryk Markuszewski, the president of the "Do not forget about us" foundation. 

Additionally, together with the foundation "Don't forget" PFN created the Rehabilitation Corps for Warsaw Insurgents.

"Around 30 veterans will be included in our program. They will be able to receive free of charge rehabilitation. This is a very important initiative especially during this difficult time." said Mr. Góraś. 

"We want to support our heroes in this difficult time. Everyday, dozens of volunteers ask them if they need more help." added president Markuszewski. 

During the pandemic, the Polish National Foundation has, for example, supported 20 institutions and hospitals throughout Poland, supplying them with the most necessary equipment to fight coronavirus, and has additionally helped Polish sportsmen and filmmakers. As it announced, in 2021 it is not going to rest on its laurels.