As of midnight January 15th, when registration for mass vaccinations for senior citizens over 80 years old and older began, 280.000 have registered for specific vaccination dates. More than 1.1 million people have declared their willingness to be vaccinated and confirmed it by clicking on the link that comes as a return message’ informed Dworczyk at the press conference on Saturday (16 Jan 2021). 


He stressed that the registration system works and receives ‘very high interest’ all the time. ‘Both through the helpline and the website,’ he added.


Since Friday, January 15th, people over 80 years old and older can register for the COVID-19 vaccination. They can choose from nearly six thousand clinics where vaccinations will take place starting on January 25th. There are three ways to sign up for the vaccination - the first is to register through the Internet Patient Account, the second is through the helpline 989, and the last way is to sign up directly at the vaccination centres. A week later, sign-ups for those who are 70 years old and older will begin. Besides, a vaccination request form has been launched from Friday for all people over 18 years old. 


The Minister also announced another important decision: ‘We are suspending the transportation of 330.000 vaccines for 'zero group' to hospitals until Pfizer provides us with a delivery schedule,’ he revealed.


‘We do not change anything as far as population vaccination is concerned; senior citizens over 70 years old start vaccination as planned from 25th January. We've planned that 50.000 vaccines will get to those facilities where people will get the second dose and this does not change; 120.000 vaccines are supposed to go to nursing homes and nothing changes here’ – he ensured.