Pfizer is cutting back on vaccine shipments to Europe, we learned Friday. According to Pfizer, the company will try to increase the number of doses of the vaccine produced this year to 2 billion, so it will be 700 million more than originally planned. Before that happens, however, the size of deliveries from the Puurs plant in Belgium may ‘fluctuate’. The reason is that modifications of the factory require additional regulatory approvals. 


When asked about the supply of vaccines, the Minister stated that we are relying on media for now. 


‘We have heard that Pfizer will send out updated delivery schedules where the dates and volumes of Pfizer's vaccine deliveries will be specified and only then can we make a final decision on our actions. For now, we are proceeding on the assumption that these measures will work, and if they did, these disruptions to our vaccination schedule would not have much impact. I will remind you that the start of vaccination of the population is planned for 25th January’ - said the Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister, the government's representative for a vaccination program in ‘W punkt’ program on the air of TV Republika Michał Dworczyk.


He assured that vaccines for all second doses are secured. 


‘We were prudent to set aside half from the very beginning of the vaccination program to secure a second dose for patients. It turned out to be the right strategy,’ he admitted. 


However, Poland has also purchased doses of Moderna vaccine. " Are we able to increase the supply of the order of this vaccine?" the editor asked. 


‘Moderna company has been providing the vaccine since recently. The first vaccinations will be done next week in temporary hospitals for logistical reasons because concerning the whole big action, there are not many vaccines. Later, the number of Moderna deliveries will increase, but it is impossible to buy the vaccine now - I am talking about Moderna. Today, as far as vaccines against Covid-19 are concerned, they are - we could colloquially say - luxury products, which are not available on the market,’ said Dworczyk.


He reported that this situation has been discussed many times, but there are questions on this issue all the time. 


‘There was an opportunity to buy a few million doses of Moderna's vaccine, but - in the fourth quarter of 2021. And we have an agreement to get 60 million doses by the end of this year. That means there will certainly be more of those vaccines than people willing to be vaccinated. We have this formulation to overdose and buying millions more units of the vaccine at the end of 2021 just didn't make sense,’ he informed.


Next week, as planned, 50.000 doses of the vaccine will go to the points for the second vaccination in group ‘0’, and 120 thousand doses for the first vaccinations to nursery homes.