On January 15, registration for vaccinations for people over 80 years of age began, while from January 22, people over 70 years old can also register. Vaccinations, as scheduled, begin on Monday, January 25. Michał Dworczyk, the Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister, informed on Sunday that they would be implemented in over 5000 places across the country. 


However, some entities associated in the Zielonogórskie Agreement (PZ) have announced that they will vaccinate senior citizens from Tuesday. PZ explains that the exact time of Monday's delivery is unknown.


‘Only a few entities, affiliated with the Zielonogórskie Agreement, have decided to include Monday in their vaccination schedules, and that in the afternoon,’ reported vice president of Zielonogórskie Agreement, Wojciech Pacholicki. 


There are nearly 4.6 million senior citizens over 70 years old in Poland, including over 1.75 million people over the age of 80 and over 2.8 million people aged 70-79. 


How many older people will ultimately register for vaccination is currently difficult to judge. Educational and promotional activities to encourage to vaccinate are carried out all the time. The limitation, the government insists, it is not the ability to vaccinate, but the limited number of doses.


It is planned that by the end of the first quarter of this year, 3.100.000 people will have received the Covid-19 vaccine in Poland. The Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk has repeatedly said in recent days that the system is prepared for a much larger scale of vaccinations. He also stressed that it was because of limited deliveries that it would not be possible to vaccinate more people at this time. 


‘The system that has been set up would allow more than 11 million people to be vaccinated, we are just short of vaccines,’ he reported on Sunday.


The Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister further informed on Sunday that there are no more vaccinations available at the moment. He pointed out that even though there are no appointments today, to register in specific places for vaccination - every senior citizen can leave their contact information ‘and as soon as the vaccines appear in Poland, they will receive feedback and will be scheduled for a specific date’.


Interest in vaccinations is very high. On January 22, 150.000 people between the age of 70 and 79 signed up in the first three hours. Up to 300.000 were recorded on the hotline calls per minute, which caused difficulties in its operation. 


Senior citizens, who are not mobile and may have difficulty getting to the vaccination centre, may request transportation. Support in this area is organized by local governments. Information is available, among others, on the websites of province governor’s office. 


Two vaccines are currently approved in the EU - Comirnaty, made by Pfizer and BioNTech, and mRNA-1273, from Moderna. A vaccine from AstraZeneca is waiting for registration. 


Vaccination against COVID-19 started in Poland on December 27 last year, using a vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech. Moderna vaccines will go to hospitals by the end of this week.