Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki invited representatives of parliamentary clubs and political forces to a discussion on Tuesday morning concerning National Immunization Program. The representatives of Law and Justice, Civic Coalition, the Left, Polish People Party and Confederation took part in the meeting.


Summing up the meeting before noon, the health minister said the conversation was tempestuous and opinions were divided on loosening restrictions. - Today this conversation was very tempestuous because it must be said honestly that the positions presented were very different, not only between us and the opposition but different within the opposition - said the Minister of Health. 


He added that these differences were particularly in the approach to restrictions. Some of the opposition, for example, pointed to the need to loosen them.


 ‘On the other hand, we had voted to extend the existing regulations until mid-February,’ Niedzielski pointed out. 


At the same time, the Minister stressed that the government is undertaking an ongoing debate and discussion on the vaccination programme. He recalled that in recent weeks the government had provided such information at the meetings of the Senate and the Polish Parliament Health Committee, and last week the plenary session of the Polish Parliament also held a discussion on the issue. 


Minister Niedzielski was also asked about the possibility of possibly purchasing additional vaccines outside the European mechanism.

‘Please note that in addition to the fact that there were countries that broke out of this mechanism and in a sense authorize or allow the possibility of such behaviour in the future, we also have a certain level of Pfizer's failure to meet contractual obligations, this also applies to Moderna in terms of postponing the last delivery (…), so these reasons begin to appear in the space more and more’ - he said. 


‘As we have already informed you many times, we are still analysing various possibilities - possibilities that have also been realised in other countries - but due to the sensitivity of this matter we will not reveal any details for the time being, except for this information that yes, we are indeed analysing such possibilities,' Niedzielski added. He pointed out that the situation is very dynamic. 


‘Now and then there are new proposals, new offers from suppliers regularly. We recently negotiated an additional pool of Pfizer purchases through a European mechanism. Today we have another proposal for Moderna, which has shifted the emphasis in deliveries from Q4 to Q3 of this year, which from our point of view is already becoming more interesting,’ said the Minister of Health. 


He added that 'there are new, successive producers, with whom, within the framework of the European mechanism, we will be signing agreements in the nearest future'. He stressed that the government will communicate about the decisions taken on an ongoing basis.