As of December 28, last year, initially until 17th January 2021, additional restrictions have been placed on the coronavirus outbreak - including closing down of hotels, restriction on shopping malls and ski slopes. The restrictions were later extended to January 30.


The Minister of Health confirmed the findings of the niezalezna. pl website regarding the decision to reopen shopping malls. There will be a sanitary regime.


‘We have a gradual decline in the daily infection count. This decline slowed somehow in the January period. The most spectacular declines were in December. Then we had what was called the holiday impulse, but things have been looking up in the last week. It's the result of the discipline we've maintained (…). This situation is also reflected in the situation in hospitals - hospitalisations fell below 14.000 for the first time in a long time. At our peak, we had over 23.000 hospitalisations’ – said the Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski. 


The Minister of Health also informed that the current epidemic situation in Poland and Europe was the basis for making decisions concerning the shape of restrictions soon.


‘The situation in Poland seems to be stabilized at the moment, but there are two risks: the international situation, and the second concerns new mutations of the virus’ – announced Minister Niedzielski. 


‘The accountability phase will be valid until February 14. What's next, we'll be looking at the situation not only in terms of daily infections, but also deaths and the situation in Europe. Rules that apply to public gatherings, family events, restaurant operations, hotels, sports facilities and border quarantine remain unchanged’ - informed Niedzielski. 


Minister Niedzielski confirmed the findings of the Niezalezna. pl website concerning the opening the shopping malls:


‘Since February 1, we have been opening stores in shopping malls in accordance with the sanitary regime’ - said the Minister of Health.