Andrzej Duda thanked the organization's representatives ‘for their enormous commitment, for the great heart put into helping, for their solidarity in the coronavirus pandemic’. He pointed out that the last year has been a ‘time of trial’. 


‘An attempt to show whether our legendary solidarity, which we boast about so many times in Europe and around the world, that we once created and which took the form of a great social movement, the Solidarity Trade Union, which led us out from behind the Iron Curtain; which is our pride - whether it works, whether Poles are solidarity or whether they were solidary only for a moment,’ said the President.


He expressed the belief that the coronavirus pandemic shows that Poles are in solidarity with the absolute majority. He added that he was particularly pleased that young people showed a lot of solidarity, human warmth, sensitivity, and empathy. 


‘Nowadays, when there is very often a talk about anaesthesia, that only money counts, that a person does not pay attention to another human being what we have seen very often in the past months, throughout this difficult time, was the opposite,’ he said.


The president said he wanted Friday's meeting to be the inaugural in a series of meetings with various communities that have been involved in the fight against the pandemic. 


He pointed out that a year ago the National Security Strategy was adopted, in which the activities of civic, social organizations in the structure of state security were included as an important element. 


‘None of us expected that we would be testing our ability as a society to do so very quickly in such a difficult situation. I believe that this test went at least well,’ stressed the President.


As he added, ‘the question is not what social organizations can do for the state, but what the Polish state can do for social organisations.’ as he said, hence Friday's meeting at the Presidential Palace. He pointed out that as President he has the legislative initiative.