Dombrovskis told the press the export controls will be in place for a limited time and apply specifically to COVID-19 vaccines under advanced purchase agreements.

"The European Commission has adopted a strictly-targeted measure that will allow us to gather accurate information about the production of vaccines and where manufacturers intend to ship them. The measure is time limited and specifically applies to those COVID-19 vaccines that were agreed by advanced purchase agreements with the European Commission. The measure is intended to run until the end of March 2021." stated Dombrovskis. 

Commissioner Dombrovskis added that the programme, designed to increase transparency, exempts most of neighboring countries and other poorer ones.

"The aim is to provide us immediately with full transparency - transparency that until now has been lacking and what Europeans expect and if needed it also will provide us with a tool to insure vaccine deliveries." he followed. 

The European Union has publicly rebuked Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca for failing to deliver vaccine shots as promised, with a shortfall of up to 60% in the first quarter.