‘Thanks to solidarity, government’s support and investment programs and cooperation with entrepreneurs, Poland will return to the path of growth,’ stressed Prime Minister in a Facebook post. 


As he added, the most important question today is not when Poland and Europe will come out of the crisis, but how they will do it. 


‘By using investment, consumption, export and all the instruments at the disposal of the Polish government together we will win the crisis and Poland will return to the path of growth,’ stated Morawiecki.


Prime Minister, during a recent visit to Lower Silesia, indicated that macroeconomic data for 2020 and signals from companies give hope that we will be able to move quickly with economic growth. He assessed that this year can and will be a good year for the Polish economy. 


During his visit to Silesia on Monday, Morawiecki stressed that ‘the most important thing is to help Polish entrepreneurs survive this difficult period, these next few weeks.’ 


‘To make that happen, I put up an extension of the 5 thousand PLN non-refundable grant program for a one-person business for every micro-company that is affected by a decrease in income; there are criteria of 40 per cent compared to the previous month. This is another PLN 2.5 billion from the Polish state budget to rescue Polish entrepreneurs,’ he reminded.


He signalled the continuation of other forms of government assistance to businesses. As he pointed out, ‘direct support from the Polish state budget, from its various directions, for Polish entrepreneurs is the largest of all European Union countries’. The Prime Minister repeated his pledge to present a package of measures for further development of the country under the slogan of the ‘New Order’ in the coming weeks. 


On Tuesday, the government is expected to address the expansion of the list of activities supported by Financial Shield 2.0, among others, the company's business activities include foreign language teaching, sports clubs and wholesale of footwear and clothing.