Morawiecki admitted that economic growth would depend on, among other things, from the strength of the so-called the third wave of the pandemic. He informed that the government also has pessimistic scenarios in this matter as far as growth is concerned.


‘You can see that 4 per cent (GDP) is rather unthreatened. If I had to bet, I think we could rather exceed this 4 per cent this year,’ he said. 


The budget for 2021 envisages that the state income this year will amount to PLN 404.4 billion and outcome to PLN 486.7 billion, implying a maximum deficit of PLN 82.3 billion.


According to budget assumptions, real GDP will grow by 4 per cent this year. The average annual increase in prices of consumer goods and services will amount to 1.8 per cent, the increase in the average annual salary fund is to reach 2.8%, and private consumption growth, in nominal terms, will amount to 6.3 per cent.