‘Icebreakers operating on the Włocławek Reservoir reached the first big blockage at the level of Wola Brwileńska, starting the action of breaking up and floating the ice. Last week, ice appeared on the roadside in this section, so the main goal of the icebreaking was to clear the flow to ensure safe runoff of crushed ice,’ informed Wody Polskie in a press release on Friday.


In the middle of last week, while patrolling the area of the Vistula River in the region of Wola Brwileńska, firemen noticed that water from the overflowing river is getting through culverts to the other side of the national road No. 62. Due to the situation, immediate action was taken to secure the culvert with sandbags; additional sandbags were also prepared in case it was necessary to continue sealing the culverts. Ice floes overturned several trees and damaged railings separating the road from the river. 


Wola Brwileńska is located near Popłacin, where an ice jam was previously formed on the Vistula, hindering the free flow of water and causing the river to overflow.


Due to the flood of the Vistula and ice phenomena on the river, the flood alert announced over a week ago is still in force in Plock. It was introduced due to the ice jam on the Vistula below the city - in Popłacin - blocking the free flow of water and causing the river's intake. The flood alert was also maintained, which last Wednesday was introduced in seven communes of Plock county located on the Vistula River: Wyszogród, Gabin, Mała Wieś, Słupno, Bodzanów, Nowy Duninów and Słubice.