The Minister of Health was asked in Radio Zet whether the current pandemic situation in Poland is the moment when the government must decide to restore certain restrictions. 


‘It's not like we're waiting, because there are also some things happening that are basically beyond our control. I am talking about the emergence of the British mutation, or (…) the South African’s one. We are considering how to effectively introduce these restrictions,’ said.


He explained that it is necessary to act effectively and not just ‘blindly introduce some restrictions’. 


‘Indeed, we are beginning to think regionally, (…) we are thinking regionally when restoring restrictions. The decision is not made yet. Certainly, we will take it at the beginning of the next week, but in fact, this region of Warmia and Mazury is particularly different from other regions in the country, so when restoring the restrictions, we will rather think regionally,’ informed Niedzielski. 


Asked what kind of restrictions are being discussed here, the Minister of Health admitted that he would not prejudge the direction the government's decision would take.


‘This is a decision that must take into account different perspectives. These are not just health prospects - these are prospects for economic, social functioning,’ he said. 


‘Schools, it seems, are at the end of the queue for closure, because there are other aspects that are unfortunately also costly - in the social sense - related to the closure of schools because it concerns the development of children, it also concerns the normal functioning of parents. So, from my point of view, schools are at the end of the queue, because closing them or bringing back that distance learning again is a very big cost - in developmental terms - for children,’ said the Minister.