Janusz Dzisko informed that the Warmian-Masurian sanitary-epidemiological station had tested the virus variant from 24 samples taken from the inhabitants of Olsztyn and Ostróda districts and Elbląg. 


‘In 16 of these samples the presence of the UK mutation of the virus has been confirmed, one sample is uncertain, making the presence of the British coronavirus strain in the 70 per cent of tested samples,’ Dzisko reported, adding that ‘this is a very sad and worrying phenomenon’.


‘There is no doubt that this variant of the virus is responsible in some part, probably a significant part, for the number of infections in the region, which has been very high for many days,’ said Dzisko.


The Head of the Warmian-Masurian sanitary-epidemiological station added that there were too few samples out of 24 tested for the coronavirus variant to generalize the test results to all samples. ‘But it is definitely a worrying indication and we will be mapping the region to test more samples,’ announced Dzisko. 


Dzisko also added that tests conducted in Olsztyn for variant versions of the coronavirus had been confirmed by a European laboratory.