‘We have just surpassed the one million people vaccinated against COVID-19 with both doses. We are operating according to a schedule based on the manufacturers' declared deliveries,’ wrote the Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister and the representative for the national vaccination program Michał Dworczyk on Twitter yesterday (24 Feb 2021). 


Earlier, the Ministry reported that 2.832.659 vaccinations have been performed in Poland so far, with 1.876.880 of first doses. There were 2895 adverse reactions reported, most of which manifested as redness and short-term pain at the injection site. 


As of last December 27, when the first person was vaccinated, a total of 4342 doses were disposed of.


Referring to the delays and supply reductions declared by AstraZeneca, Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski said that the vaccination schedule of different socio-occupational groups depends on the supply of vaccines. 


‘We have received another piece of information from AstraZeneca regarding shifts or reductions in supply,’ said Niedzielski, referring to the news that shipments of the vaccine to EU countries in the second quarter were less than half what was planned. 


‘Let me remind you that we originally had declarations that over 10 million AstraZeneca vaccines would be delivered in total in the first six months of the year. Little remains of these declarations. At the moment we are saying that in the first quarter there will be a delivery of 1.2 million, and the second quarter is also a question,’ said the Minister. 


Poland has ordered nearly 100 million doses of vaccines against COVID-19.