Asked on RMF FM whether we would see an autumn wave of infamous records, the Minister said that forecasts show that the peak of the third wave would be at the level of 10-12 thousand. He pointed out that it's not a daily, one-time score, but a weekly average - the summed data from a week, divided by seven days. 


Currently, the average is approx. 8.000 cases. The Ministry of Health indicated that the daily number of infections could soon be in the order of more than 15 or 16 thousand. 


‘The forecast says that the peak of illness would be in late March,’ warned the Minister.


Asked whether such a surge in illnesses meant that Easter would be ‘in full restrictions’, the Minister said it all depended on developments. 


‘I will not hide the fact that if there is a continuation of the upward trend, this is probably the scenario that will be considered to spend Easter at home,’ said Minister Niedzielski.