The German foreign ministry also asked for "understanding that we cannot provide any information on the state of the investigation. It is also being investigated whether this crime was politically motivated".

Berlin police reported that "around 2.30 am (Monday to Tuesday), a 45-year-old witness heard a loud bang and saw a bright glow on Fritz-Wildung-Strasse. He recognized a burning Opel Astra. Firefighters extinguished the flames, which caused significant damage to the car. Nobody was injured. At present there are no signs of the crime being politically motivated. The Chief of the State Criminal Police Fire Department in Schmargendorf (Berlin district) has taken over the investigation into the suspected deliberate arson of an embassy vehicle."

The burned car was marked as diplomatic, the embassy spokesman Dariusz Pawłoś informed PAP  on Tuesday. The car "had a CD sticker (Fr. corps diplomatique, diplomatic corps)," he said.

The incident took place at 14 Fritz-Wildung-Strasse in the west of Berlin. The matter is constantly investigated by the relevant services.