‘Apart from the percentage of patients in a given voivodeship, these are also occupied beds, occupied ventilators, the percentage of British mutation (…), it is not one rigid parameter,’ he said. 


He argued that there was no decision to introduce restrictions on more voivodeships. Asked if such a decision could be made, he said there would be no such recommendation based on the data. 


Kraska also said that among new infections, the British mutation plays ‘a very big role, because, from these studies that we're doing across the country, we're seeing that more and more positive samples are these variants of the virus’.


He stressed that it was worrying that more and more Poles were choosing treatment on their own at home. 


‘I even know that there are rented oxygen machines. Patients are brought to hospitals in quite serious conditions,’ stressed Kraska. He added that this is the reason for the high number of patients under ventilators. 


He appealed, ‘Let's not wait until the last minute or it could end badly’.