Officials consider the range of 15,000 new infections to be a clear indication of a new wave of the pandemic. Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska warned that we should not ignore the restrictions.

"We want hospitals to accept patients for general treatments again, but we know that number of COVID19 patients is increasing, so we’ve launched temporary hospitals. The idea is to treat coronavirus patients as well as those with other conditions." stated the deputy minister of health, Waldemar Kraska. 

Experts urge Poles to maintain social distance, wear masks, and wash hands on a regular basis as protective measures against infection. For some people, maintaining these simple restrictions for over a year in a row has proved to be difficult both physically and mentally.

"We expect that, unfortunately, the end of March or the period after Easter may be difficult due to the fact that many people will travel and meet with their families. Therefore, the virus will be transmitted." said prof. Konrad Rejdak, the president of the Polish Neurological Society from the Lublin University. 

Some optimism came from the vaccination program. While over two million Poles already got their vaccine, many more are still waiting their turn . The Polish company Mabion will launch production of a covid-19 vaccine in cooperation with American company Novavax technology with 40 million Poliush Zlotys in funding from the Polish Development Fund.

"We want to support this industry, and we hope that MABION will successfully transfer technology from NOVAVAX and that production in Poland will start." commented Paweł Borys from the Polish Development Fund.