According to a report prepared by the Ministry of Health, on Saturday, Pomeranian voivodship was ranked sixth in the country in terms of the number of new infections, and fourth in terms of the incidence rate per 10 thousand people. 


Figures released by the Ministry of Health show that 1.000 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the last 24 hours. 


‘The situation in Pomerania is very serious. As predicted, we are facing a peak in incidence during the third wave of the pandemic,’ said Dr Jerzy Karpinski, Director of the Health Department at Pomeranian Voivodship Office. 


He added that the high infection rates in the region were responsible for, among other things, a British mutation of the virus that is spreading rapidly. 


‘From the surveys that have been conducted, it appears that 80 per cent of the infections in the region are caused by the British variant,’ conveyed Karpinski. 


The number of people who require hospitalization and ventilator treatment due to SARS-COV-2 virus infection is increasing day by day.