In the latest weekly newspaper ‘Sieci’, which will be published on Monday, you can read an interview with the President of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) Adam Glapiński. Fragments of the interview were published on Sunday on the wPolityce. pl website. 


‘My task as the President of the NBP was to reassure people that anyone willing will be able to take their money out of the bank, that savings are safe and secure. And it worked (…). At no time did cash run out, we delivered regularly, although the problem occurred overnight. We were well prepared for any possible crisis. Though of course, we did not predict a pandemic,’ said Glapiński.


According to Glapiński, the current finances state of Poland is ‘the best in history’.


‘Poland has very little debt, internally and externally. In no way, contrary to what is sometimes said, does debt constitute a risk (…). Poland pursues a very rational, conservative financial policy. Our foreign exchange reserves are also growing fast, currently amounting to almost 135 billion euros (…). The increase in debt last year was worldwide because anti-crisis measures required it. With the economic development we have, this is an event without major consequences,’ said Glapiński. 


According to the NBP President, ‘most developed countries have much higher public debts than Poland’. 


‘We still have relatively low public debt (…). Today, the Polish economy is one of the most crisis-proof, dynamic and resilient in Europe, and perhaps even in the world. We come out of each crisis strengthened, with little or no losses, each time in the effect narrowing the gap to the often-mauled leaders,’ he emphasised.