Rzeszów is the capital of Podkarpacie voivodeship. Fogiel, when asked about "vulgar entries" in social media of the opposition candidate for president of Rzeszów, Konrad Fijołek, replied that it was "unpleasant", but it was not "anything new and surprising".

"Each voter will decide whether he cares about a candidate and then a president who will focus on the development of the city, deal with the use of EU funds or whether he cares about the president, whose main determinant is that he writes non-parliamentary political slogans," said the PiS deputy spokesman.

"Mrs Leniart, the voivode, can convince voters as a reasonable force that has made her name known for hard work in the Podkarpackie Province," emphasized Fogiel.

When asked about three candidates from the coalition parties of the United Right, he replied that Solidarna Polska and Porozumienie (both and PiS form the United Right) had the right to nominate their candidates for election.

"I hope that if Ewa Leniart does not win in the first round, it seems obvious that our coalition partners will support her in the fight in the second round," Fogiel said.