If the Sejm elections were held this Sunday, the most respondents would vote for the United Right (PiS, Solidarna Polska, Porozumienie) - 33.2 percent, KO (Civic Coalition) - 18.5 percent, and "Polska 2050" - 13.2 percent - according to the United Survey for Wirtualna Polska.

The Sejm would also include MPs from the Left (Lewica), for which 9.3 percent of the respondents would vote.

The Confederation (Konfederacja) was also just above the election threshold, gaining 6.5 percent of the all votes, and PSL - the Polish Coalition. For this party, 6.3 percent of respondents declared voting. The poll also shows that 12.9 percent of the rspondents do not know who they would vote for in the Sejm and Senate elections.