According to tradition, on Good Friday at dawn or in the evening on Holy Thursday you should go to the pond, the lake, and preferably to the river flowing from west to east, to wash there in cold water. Some confuse only the legs, others also the hands and face. After washing, they were not wiped but waited for the water drops to dry themselves, so that the water did not lose its healthy power. Freshwater provided spring cleansing and strengthening and health for the whole year, and girls additionally beauty. It was a symbol of life and energy necessary at this time of year.


On that day, Easter dishes are prepared, bread is baked, yeast babki (pound cakes) in the shape of a lamb or hare and meat is prepared. To this day, in some parts of Silesia, the custom of baking Easter cake, called świyncelnik, is well known. Świynconka is made on Good Friday evening at the latest because the next morning people go to church to hallow the dishes.