Holy Saturday is a quiet time for Christians to await the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the day, the faithful come to church to consecrate food, and after sunset - to participate in the liturgy of the Easter Vigil.

“We have returned to this traditional form of blessing in church. It's possible, and so according to safety instructions we have in place this year, we have recommended that this year it take place in the open air." stated fr. Piotr Stępkiewski, the parish priest of the cathedral parish St. Michael Archangel and St. Florian in Warsaw. 

The Liturgy of the Easter Vigil is the most solemn and important Mass of the year. It consists of the Liturgy of Light, the Word, the Eucharist and the renewal of baptismal promises.

“In this beautiful and richest liturgy of the entire church year, the most important moment is the renewal of the covenant with God. The renewal of the baptismal promises. Our conscious affirmation that we are children of God." added father Stępniewski. 

In the churches there is complete silence and stillness, the faithful adore Lord Jesus in the tomb until the beginning of the Easter Vigil. This custom comes from Palestine.

In Poland, beginning in the 18th century, a figure of the dead Jesus is placed in the center of the tomb, and the ostensorium is covered with a veil, referring to the shroud with which Jesus was covered after his death.

Contemporary decorations of tombs can have references to current events, such as: armed conflicts, social phenomena, and currently, the ongoing epidemic.

Due to restrictions,  once again  we have to celebrate Easter in a truncated form. It is important that we observe the restrictions, and behave responsibly. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appealed for caution in his Easter message.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a special time ahead of us, Easter. Unfortunately, we will spend it in the shadow of pandemics for the second time. Today we are in the most difficult moment in the fight against the coronavirus. Therefore, I would like to appeal to you. Let us stay at home this Easter in the company of our immediate family. Among those with whom we live every day. I know how difficult it is. I know we are all very tired of this situation. But let's do it for our families and for ourselves.I wish all my compatriots at home and abroad a healthy and safe Easter. Even after the darkest night, day finally comes. And even after the pandemic, normality will return. Everything is in our hands. Thank you.” said prime minister Morawicki in his address to the nation. 

On Easter Day, Polish families will gather for a breakfast to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.