On TVN24, a government spokesman was asked if the vaccination system could cope with their implementation when more COVID-19 vaccines reach Poland.

‘For such an assessment probably will come in about two weeks, when we will be able to see how the individual vaccination points are doing – 6.5 thousand vaccination points across Poland,’ he said.

He added that mass vaccination points that were being created in each county were also to help in this process.

Müller also referred to fewer vaccinations during Easter. He stressed that these were the vaccination points, that declared how many vaccinations they could perform on a given day.

‘Of course, we can - theoretically at least - enter these vaccination terms from above, but they have to be implemented, so there is nothing to bend reality. Each point had the right to carry out as many vaccinations as it could have done during the Easter season,’ he said.

‘I am sure that there will be a significant acceleration this week. The Easter season is always more difficult for the health service, which, after all, has been in full rotation for a year and I understand that during the holiday season, not all POZ (Primary Health Care) points wanted to carry out vaccinations to the maximum extent, but they will make up for it this week,’ stressed Müller.