- The lower results of new infections over the festive period are too weak as a signal to be treated optimistically. We have a difficult situation in hospitals all the time. Bed occupancy is 34. 5 thousand (78 per cent), ventilator beds are occupied by more than 3,340 (79 per cent). These parameters are already dangerous because the distribution of beds in the regions and the usage is not uniform. We have regions with relatively safe situations, but also regions where the situation is tense - these are particularly southern regions of Poland, especially Silesia - Adam Niedzielski said.


The Minister of Health also pointed to the problem of the availability of ventilator beds in Małopolska and the measures taken to solve it and also the assistance that the Podcarpathian region revived from Lublin.


- Cumulation will pass through the hospital system. This is evident in the Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia provinces, where there was a high dynamic of infections. Here, too, you can count on the support of the provinces - west Pomeranian and Lubusz in turn - he added.


He said it was decided to extend the existing sanitation restrictions until April 18.


- We are in a situation where we see a slight decrease in the daily number of infections, but it is strongly related to the world period. Today's results are less than those made a week ago, but it's important to remember that we always have relatively smaller numbers at the beginning of the week. We will know this more representative information in the upcoming days. The consequences of increased mobility during the holidays will be visible next week. Then we will see if the wave will fall or if it will take the "second breath". We need to look closely at the situation


- said Adam Niedzielski.