Jabłoński was asked on Wednesday on TVP Info what the meeting that took place last Thursday in Budapest changes in Polish diplomacy and political strategy. The Prime Ministers of Poland and Hungary, Mateusz Morawiecki and Viktor Orban, and the head of the Italian League, Matteo Salvini, made statements after the meeting, announcing cooperation "for the renaissance of Europe and its values".

As Jabłoński added, Viktor Orbana's Fidesz is currently in the group of independent parliamentarians, and Mateo Salvini's League is in the Identity and Democracy group.

"These are parties that look at Europe as an alliance of equal and free, independent, sovereign states, equal and free nations. This idea guided the fathers of Europe," he said.

According to the deputy minister, Poland shows that "there is an alternative to the model that is trying to impose by part of the Brussels establishment, that is, an alternative to federalisation".

"Europe developed the most when it was an alliance of nations, states that cooperated but independent states, independent of each other, making decisions in accordance with their national interest, but finding an alliance where it was comprehensively beneficial for all," said Jabłoński.