Today’s reported figure, 954 fatalities, is the highest daily number reported since the pandemic started. However, the number of new deaths reported in the last 24 hours is skewed since it also includes fatal cases which took place during the Easter holidays. The most new cases of infection were reported in the provinces of Silesia and Mazovia.

"Included in today’s number of 954 fatal cases, we have around 100 cases of people who passed away on Good Friday. 130 cases from Easter Saturday and 130 cases from Easter Sunday as well." stated Wojciech Andrusiewicz, the spokesman for the ministry of health. 

Due to the increased number of infections, more and more people are being admitted to hospitals in a serious condition. Nearly 80 percent of hospital beds dedicated to COVID patients are currently occupied. In the province of Lesser Poland, more than 90% of the available ventilators are in use. Meanwhile, more and more patients are being sent to temporary field hospitals.

"We keep receiving new patients, ambulances bring them here all the time. But we also have a lot of patients being discharged every day now. So the people who fell ill slightly more than a dozen days ago no longer need to be hospitalized and can isolate at home instead. So thankfully, we currently have more beds becoming available than beds needed for new patients thanks to the recovered patients." said Dr. Artur Zaczyński, the head of the field hospital at the National Stadium in Warsaw. 

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, announced today an increase in the supply of vaccines to Poland.

"We expect to receive 9 million vaccine doses in May and we have 5,5 million doses confirmed for delivery in April. We already have about 5.5 million confirmed, and we are still waiting for confirmation of another one, perhaps even 1.5 million, so the figure could rise to  7 million vaccines in April alone." stated PM Morawiecki. 

Due to the growing number of infections, a decision concerning when the youngest pupils could return to schools has not yet been made. The Minister of Education and Science, Przemyslaw Czarnek stated today that students will finish this school year with in-person teaching available.