During Friday's press conference Dworczyk denied information appearing in the media about the high percentage of disposed vaccines in Poland.


"Poland has one of the lowest rates of vaccine disposal across Europe. About one for thousand vaccines is disposed of, and it's worth highlighting" - pointed out the Minister.


He also added that it is due to people operating in vaccination points, who very professionally carry out vaccinations, taking care of vaccines and organizing the vaccination process well.


"The fact that some vaccines can be wasted from time to time, because, for example, whether there is mechanical damage or a fragment of cork at the time of puncture gets into the vial, or - which happens very rarely - the patient will not appear and there is no one to replace him, then such situations - as statistics show – it must happen. But against the background of other countries, we have great results here, and it is worth highlighting" - pointed out Dworczyk.