‘It seems that the peak of infections we have already had beyond us. It was more or less Easter when there were the vast majority of infections. Now, two weeks after this summit, we see a large number of people being reported to Polish hospitals. We see that this peak of the third wave when it comes to hospitals, we have at the moment” – said Kraska on the Program One of Polish Radio, when asked about forecasts of the epidemic situation.


The Deputy Minister pointed out that patients in increasingly poor health are arriving at hospitals. "Poles did not report to hospitals during the Easter. (…) I think this week will continue to be a rather difficult week for Polish hospital, patients arrive every day," he added.


Kraska said that patients sometimes treated themselves at home and ended up in the hospital a dozen days too late.


"It is much easier to implement treatment at a time when the infection is just beginning. When more than half of the lung aces are occupied, the doctors' room for manoeuvre is limited. That's why so many people end up in intensive care units and, unfortunately, a percentage die” – stated, referring to the high number of deaths.


He acknowledged that the pandemic made it difficult for many patients to contact their doctors, some treatments and diagnostics were postponed, which unfortunately has health effects, e. g. delays in the detection of cancer.


Asked about Tuesday's number of infections, Kraska said the exact data would be provided as always at 10:30 AM. He said they would not depart from Monday.


"We always try to compare and observe trends compared to the previous week. (…) I think it's not until tomorrow and Thursday that the result will be meaningful to assess where we are now” - he added.