Asked if he supported the government's upkeep, he said that ‘the epidemic threat is not eliminated, so the restrictions have to remain’.


‘Of course, the more people are vaccinated, the easier it will be to loosen restrictions. We must remember that Poland ranks high in the ranking of deaths,’ stressed in an interview with "Super Express".


When it comes to the return of children to schools, Prof Gut is not very optimistic.


‘At the moment, I see no chance to open schools and allow older children to attend schools freely. Especially, since the elderly are no longer sick, and the generation of 40-50-year-olds,’ he pointed out.


When asked in an interview with Super Express how it is possible to solve the problem of parents complaining that they do not have someone to leave their children with, who would normally attend primary school, Prof. Gut pointed out that "since the children have been in their homes, the mobility of parents has been reduced”. According to him, "this phenomenon is beneficial".


Answering the question of why the situation is so bad for deaths, as 700-800 people who die from coronavirus per day are huge numbers, the virologist concluded that "patients go to the doctor when it is too late".


‘Therefore, it is important to react quickly. When you notice your first symptoms, contact your doctor immediately,’ appealed prof. Gut in an interview with "Super Express".