The National Vaccination Program expedites. As Minister Michał Dworczyk announced, the Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister, in May people over 36 will be able to receive a dose of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson - a single-dose vaccine in mobile vaccination points.


“During the long weekend, these vaccination points will be organized in cities in each voivodeship. There will be a possibility to get vaccinated offhand, without an appointment. You just need to have an e-referral,” he stated.


The Minister stressed that there would be such a point in every voivodeship.


At a press conference at the National Stadium, the Prime Minister spoke about the promotion of COVID-19 vaccination. "In the future, we want to have such mechanisms worked out that if someone cannot reach the vaccination point - the vaccination point will reach a Pole in that place where it will be necessary," announced the Prime Minister.