Another 28 people have died because of COVID-19.


There are 20,981 COVID-19 patients in hospitals and 2609 of them are connected to ventilators, reported the Ministry of Health today.


The Ministry also informed that 40,585 beds and 4255 ventilators had been prepared for COVID-19 patients.


The previous day, on Monday (3 May), the Ministry of Health reported that 20,974 patients with COVID-19 had been hospitalized, 2593 of them had been under ventilators. A week earlier, on April 27, the department had reported that there had been 26,925 infected patients in hospitals, including 3041 under ventilators.


The Ministry reported that on Tuesday (4 May) there were 139,205 people in quarantine. The Ministry also informed that 2,536,931 infected people had recovered so far.