“There is a need for a good plan to return to normality. Need for a good plan and the ability to execute it. The fundamental goal of our plan - the New Polish Order - is that we get back on the fast track to recovery” – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 


“At the same time, it is very important that we forge a new path. What is this path supposed to be like? This is the way of modernity but based on tradition. It's about building a better order under new circumstances," he added.


“The post-Covid-19 world seems to have been turned upside down, but although supply and production chains have been severed, Poland is finding its way in this global world amidst many challenges” - he noted.


The Head of Government pointed out that Poland was one of the few countries that created new workplaces despite the pandemic. 


“Today we can finally decide for ourselves about our destiny, about the path we will choose. The Polish Order is just such a proposal. It is a proposal of new, fair solutions, and at the same time one that will bring success and new workplaces," stressed the Prime Minister.