“Poland has low unemployment - this is one of our great successes. But our undertakings under the New Polish Order will provide at least, in the first instance, 500,000 workplaces. On the one hand, we are abolishing a harmful, unjust and degressive tax system, and on the other, we are raising the tax-free amount to PLN 30 000. That is, 65 per cent of pensions, as well as the lowest wage, will be tax-free,” announced Jarosław Kaczyński.


“Another mechanism for lowering taxes is to raise the second tax rate. At the moment it is 85k a year and will be 120k. This is the first increase in 12 years. We also don't forget about those who earn more” - the Law and Justice Leader pointed out.


Kaczyński added that the United Right would strive to abolish junk contracts. “We want to see a single mechanism, a single labour contract model in place in the short term," he explained.


There are also significant changes coming, which will facilitate access to housing for Poles.


“The number of housing units built is growing significantly, but it is far from enough. It will be possible to obtain a bank guarantee for PLN 100 thousand - this is a really big step forward,” said Jarosław Kaczyński.


Kaczyński announced the introduction of the possibility to build "without a permit, without a construction manager, only on notice" houses up to 70 m2, "with a flat roof, but with some attic, partly to be used".


"It could be a total, in terms of living space, of about 90 sqm. So as much as the average in residential construction at the moment," he explained.


He described such an area of homes built "without permit" as "robust". "It's really going to be something, especially in the countryside where you build with what's called an economic system. This will allow you to reach a situation where you have your own house, and a pretty decent one, for a relatively small amount, perhaps not even more than 100,000 (zlotys)," he said.