On Saturday, a program convention was held, at which the so-called Polish Order was presented, i.e., a new socio-economic program for the post-covid period, which is signed by the parties forming the United Right. During his speech, Jarosław Kaczyński, Leader of the Law and Justice party, announced that the Saxon Palace would be rebuilt and that a new building for the Royal Opera House in Warsaw would be constructed.


Gliński addressed these proposals on Twitter. "The Saxon Palace with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the amphitheatre is the most important of the symbols of unreconstructed Warsaw. Thanks to the Polish Order, its long-awaited reconstruction will become a fact," he wrote.


“Culture is the basis for the development of any political community. Thanks to the Polish Order, we will build in Warsaw the Polish Royal Opera - a chamber opera whose tradition goes back to Władysław IV,” – stressed the Head of the Ministry of Culture, referring to the proposal concerning the Royal Opera House.