The Polish Order (Polski Ład) is a new socio-economic program for the period after the pandemic, presented by the parties forming the United Right. Its foundation is 7 per cent of GDP on health; tax cuts for 18 million Poles (including a tax-free amount of up to PLN 30,000), investments that will generate 500,000 new workplaces, flats without own contribution and houses up to 70 sqm. without formalities, as well as pension without tax up to 2500 PLN.


The Prime Minister inaugurated the tour with a press conference on Nowogrodzka Street, which was scheduled for 7.35 AM. Then he went to the County Hospital in Ryki.


During the tour, he will visit one of the companies in Stężyca, as well as the Via Carpatia route construction site. According to the program, the Prime Minister will meet investors from Korea in Stalowa Wola. He will also promote the Community Housing Initiative.


In Rzeszów, on the other hand, a meeting of the Head of Government with seniors is planned, as well as with Ewa Leniart, the Law and Justice party candidate for the city's mayor.


Prime Minister Morawiecki has a scheduled meeting with business representatives in Rzeszów. On Tuesday, he is visiting the Lubomirski Castle and is attending the "Hydrogen Valley" event in Jasionka.


During the tour, the Prime Minister will also attend a conference on the redevelopment of playing fields. He will also visit a senior citizens' activity and care centre and he will meet with local government officials.


Tuesday's schedule also includes a visit to MAN Trucks, as well as the Jagiellonian University Medical Campus.