So far, five thousand companies representing all sectors of the domestic economy have participated in the contest, out of which a total of 770 Polish companies have been awarded. In the competition, there are both large Polish companies with export successes, as well as small family businesses operating locally. This is possible because the primary criterion for evaluation is the quality of the products and services offered, not the size of the company.


"Teraz Polska" for over 30 years has become a brand in itself. Its market strength and high recognition strengthen the competitiveness and market success of the winners awarded with it. The prestige of the "Teraz Polska" emblem is strengthened by: transparent contest procedures, objectivity, competence and independence of experts and jury members, as well as the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland.


As shown by market research, 72% of respondents have encountered the "Teraz Polska" mark, and nearly 80% of those surveyed believe that it is a good way of marking high-quality Polish products and services. Equally positive opinions are expressed by the winners of the "Teraz Polska" Emblem, who regard it as a tool supporting brand and prestige building, as well as an instrument increasing trust and credibility in the eyes of business partners. This is especially important in these days of the coronavirus epidemic when all entrepreneurs are struggling to get back on the growth track. And this cannot be done without the support of customers who are aware of the power of their purchasing decisions and their attitude of consumer patriotism.


Polish entrepreneurs are building a modern, innovative economy. Their products and services gain the trust and loyalty of customers who know how great a market force consumer patriotism is. The best indication, in this case, is the "Teraz Polska" Emblem, which is the most recognizable sign, inspires trust and allows the patriotic and rational choice of products of the highest Polish quality.