In Poland, nearly 10 million people are fully vaccinated, that is with two doses of preparations from Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca or with a single dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. About 24.5 million vaccinations against COVID-19 have been carried out so far.

The president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Dr. Michał Sutkowski, when asked about the stage of the COVID-19 vaccination program in Poland, said that vaccinations for people who were very eager to do so have been slowly ending.

"The uphill period is beginning. We would like to vaccinate over 30 million Poles and Polish women with two doses. Of course, this involves the possibility of vaccinating children," the expert noted.

He expressed hope that younger and younger children would be able to vaccinate after COVID-19 vaccines prove to be in research effective and safe for them.