"The ABW (Internal Security Agency) and the SKW (Military Counterintelligence Service) determined that the list of targets of the UNC1151 social engineering attack included at least 4,350 e-mail addresses belonging to Polish citizens or operating in Polish e-mail services. The services have information about the connections between the aggressors and the activities of Russian secret services," we read in the statement of the spokesman of the minister coordinator of the special services on Tuesday.

Żaryn informed that the list of 4,350 attacked addresses includes over 100 accounts used by persons performing public functions - members of the former and present government, deputies, senators, local government officials.

Żaryn emphasized that all the information obtained so far indicated that the actions of the UNC1151 group, which have affected Poland in recent weeks, were part of the "Ghostwriter" campaign, the aim of which - as he added - was to destabilize the political situation in Central European countries.