Przemysław Czarnek, the head of the Ministry of Education and Science, took part on Friday at the end of the school year ceremony at Primary School No. 10 in Sieradz.

"From this center of Poland, we would like to thank everyone who ends the school year in Poland - all teachers, principals, but above all students who go for a well-deserved rest - over two months," said Czarnek.

He also talked about expectations for the next school year. 

"On September 1, I am convinced of it, everything indicates that, we are returning to work in schools, normally to full-time education" he emphasized.

The head of ministry admitted that the last school year was very difficult. In his opinion, teachers or units running schools put a lot of effort so that education could take place and that students would receive the maximum amount of knowledge that could be passed on to them in these difficult conditions.