The Indian variant of the coronavirus, called the Delta variant, is spreading more and more strongly in Western European countries, particularly in the UK, where it accounts for almost all new infections. Although according to studies, vaccines protect to some extent against the new mutation, many European countries have decided to take specific countermeasures to possibly limit the fourth wave of the epidemic.


Poland has also taken such action. Today on Facebook, Prime Minister Morawiecki announced that a special team has been assembled to deal with the Delta variant.


"Ladies and gentlemen, the UK is reporting its highest number of infections since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, another COVID-19 variant, called Delta, is spreading around the world. According to experts, it is much more contagious than previous varieties. We must limit its effects at all costs. Therefore, we act now. Today, a meeting of the special team on the Delta variant took place in the Prime Minister's Chancellery. We are monitoring the situation and will respond appropriately to the evolution of the epidemic situation in Europe," wrote the Prime Minister on Facebook.


According to predictions made today on Radio Plus by Health Minister Adam Niedzielski, the variant could soon start spreading in Poland as well.


“Now we have the apogee of infection in the UK (…) For us, the eventuality of this fourth wave is probably the second half of August,” assessed Niedzielski.