The awards ceremony of teachers and employees of art schools was held on Monday (5 July) at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.


"We meet at the end of a school year that has presented us with special tasks. We will be looking back today not only at the special successes that our students have achieved but more importantly the vast experience that we have all gained during the three terms of dealing with the pandemic. (…) I am aware of how much work this time has cost you” - said Deputy Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport Wanda Zwinogordzka during the ceremony. 


"I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the educators who will be honoured with decorations and awards today. However, there is no doubt that special congratulations are due today to the entire artistic education community in Poland. You have given proof of great responsibility and perseverance," said Deputy Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport Wanda Zwinogrodzka.


During the ceremony, which took place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, 36 teachers received the awards. From the hands of Deputy Minister Wanda Zwinogrodzka, 18 people received state decorations, including the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, Gold and Bronze Crosses of Merit and Gold and Silver medals for long service. One medal of the Commission of National Education and three badges of "Merit for Polish Culture" were also awarded.


The “Medals for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis", awarded by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, Prof. Piotr Gliński, were handed by the Director of the Department of Artistic Education and Cultural Education, Jarosław Wartak.