LGBT is not a minority, it is an ideology that has all the features of a totalitarian one. People support or oppose it, despite their sexual orientation. There are heterosexual people supporting it as well as  homosexuals opposing it. We do not protest against the  LGBT ideology, but, we do strongly disagree on imposing it by force on anybody. We do protest against the destruction of people who think differently. Homosexual people have the full right to live a normal life and to enjoy their rights fully, but we also have the right to a normal life. The LGBT symbol has recently become inseparable from the mockery of faith, attacks on Christian temples and the humiliation of Catholics. When communism was born, there were also beautiful ideas referred to it. Communism, like the LGBT movement, assumed that it was the one and only right ideology and that those who opposed it prevented progress and the equality of all people , Then this evil ideology turned against everybody.  Silence in the face of this evil ideology was a great crime that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people. Communism, like the LGBT movement, wanted  to destroy the traditional society fight religion , and restrict freedom of speech. There are much too many common features between these movements to be silent while evil and totalitarianism are being born before our very eyes.

It should be  remembered that the first Nazi movements in Germany were at least in part derived from organizations allegedly defending gay rights. Supposedly, because Nazi homosexuals were ultimately persecuted in Germany. But  that  was the price paid for tolerating censorship and humiliating people who think differently.

Every totalitarian limits freedom of speech and impose its own views. The LGBT movement ideologists do exactly the same as is proved by attacking our campaign. Let’s defend the rights of all the people. The LGBT movement is trying to introduce l censorship in Poland without allowing any criticism of its own conduct. The legal threats are being sent to us. They are sending prosecutors against us and trying to destroy our media organization. This is exactly the same thing that Communists and the Nazis did. Do you need more evidence? Do we have to wait for the next ones to be thrown out of work for their views? Do we have to wait for further persecution of believers ?

The "LGBT ideology-free zone" is a zone of freedom of speech,  tolerance and respect for people who think differently. Let us respect people  let us respect  homosexuals, but let us oppose the madness  that deprives people of their fundamental rights.


Author is the Editor in Chief of the Gazeta Polska