Stefan Michnik born 28 September 1929, in Drohobycz (at the time, part of the Second Polish Republic; now Drohobych, Ukraine), is a former Stalinist military judge of the Soviet-dominated regime in post-World War II Poland, and a former captain in the communist Polish People's Army. He was involved in the politically-motivated arrest, trial, imprisonment and/or execution of a number Polish anti-communist fighters and activists. Many of those persecuted by Michnik also fought against Nazi Germany during World War II, as members of the Polish resistance. 

After de-stalinization, Michnik went into exile in 1968, and has lived in StorvretaSweden.[4]

After the collapse of communism in Poland (1989), Michnik was formally implicated by the Polish justice system in zbrodnie komunistyczne ("communist crimes") relating to his tenure as a military judge.