As part of the truce, Turkey is expected to suspend all military operations to allow Kurdish warriors to withdraw from the border zone in northeastern Syria. After this condition is met, a permanent ceasefire is to be made. As part of the agreement, it was also decided that Turkish troops would be able to remain in their positions, where they would create a safe zone under Turkey's jurisdiction. Mike Pence also threatened that if Turkey does not respect the truce conditions, the United States will not withdraw its current sanctions and will implement further ones. Ankara expressed satisfaction with the truce conditions, as it would in fact not bear any consequences for the invasion of northeastern Syria. The truce was also approved by Kurdish militants affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces who announced they would abide by it. However, as the Kurd commander added, the agreement is limited only to border areas, between the towns of Ras al-Ain and Tel Abiad. He also expressed hope that this would prevent Turkey from achieving its offensive goals. However, this morning the first reports appeared about breaking the truce conditions. There was a gunfight around Ras al-Ain. Witnesses also report that smoke has appeared above the city. Until now, it is not known who committed this act.